Friday, October 4, 2013

Scrypt mining FPGA? Could such a thing be real?

I received a link earlier today from KryptoKoolio recommending I take a look into this:

The company promises to be soon producing a scrypt FPGA that can do 1000 Khash at 150 watts/hr. this would be significantly more energy efficient than the current GPU mining setups that are around 1/watt per khash.

Keep an eye on it!


  1. scrypt mining is memory intensive. The spec on says "DDR3 1066 MHz".

    DDR3 1066 gives you a memory bandwidth of 8.5 GB/s.
    By contrast, the Radeon 7950 has a memory bandwidth of 240 GB/s.

    References: ,

    Methinks bogus.

  2. Hrmm....good to know. Thank you! =)

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