Thursday, February 6, 2014

Here's a dogecoin mining rig for under $200!

(originally posted to /r/dogecoin, deleted and reposted here because the spam filter hates me)
Hello my fellow Shibes,
I understand some of you are poor Shibes but still would like to participate in our journey to the moon. Some of you know me and know I'm a rather hardcore scrypt miner and love to build rigs. Not every rocket to the moon has to be a four stage 290x megarocket. You can also get to the moon with a Saturn V if you know how to build it right:
QueenNonce's $195 rocket:
Go to lowes or home depot, you can get one of These style milk crates in many different colors for about $5
"Hard Drive" You can install a litecoin friendly version of ubuntu or any linux distro you like on this 16gb thumb drive for $10
I recommend you install splashtop streamer onto it or any other desktop streaming application which will allow it to be headless so you need not have a monitor/mouse/keyboard hooked up, saves more money and you can remote into it from any computer in your home (or phone/work/ect with splashtop).
So in total thats $195 for my rocket. This rocket can be given an additional GPU booster by purchasing a powered riser. I like these guys as they're cheap at $12 and the quality is good and they're domestic for americans so it arrived in like 3 days
Add on another one of those gpus plus the riser and we'd be at $300
So in short, thats a QueenNonce Dogecoin Rocket,
$195 for 250khash or $300 for 500 khash.
It should pull down approx 150 watts to 190 watts with one card and around 250-300 with two. YMMV with the wattage/settings.
At current dogecoin prices $195 is 145627.29 Doge.
At current difficulty, btc value, doge value computed with hashrate and electricity cost, this rig would pay for itself in 82.09 days.
I hope some of you Shibes find my post useful and join me on my flight to the moon! See you in orbit! =)
  • QueenNonce

I was sent some pms since posting this. Yes thats my dogecoin address. Doges are always appreciated but not required. We all need fuel to make it to the moon so save your doge!


  1. Cool!

    cool cool cool. I also recommend 5870s. Theyre old, but they push 400 kh/s and theyre super cheap! Got two for $50 on craigslist.

  2. Wow, such savings! Great guide -- it's extremely helpful for all of us who don't have a lot to spend and just love mining doge! :)

  3. trying to make one but i live in the UK.
    any comments on this setup?

  4. bought everything listed about except I had my own GPU and power supply but I can't get the computer to boot. nothing displays on the screen from either the onboard video nor when I plug in the GPU. could it be that my mobo was DOA?

  5. Your mobo is DOA, your CPU isn't set right or you've only remembered to plug in one of the two motherboard power cables. There is a big one and then one that's usually 4 or 6 prong by the CPU.

    1. Pretty sure my mobo was DOA. Just sent it back, oh well.

  6. Motherboard is out of stock on amazon... any alternative?

  7. So I got all the parts fron your list and everything hooked up but I can't get either xubuntu or my mother board to locate my gpu. I have 2 of the radeon 6850s that you recommend connected with powered risers. Been at it for a week with no luck. Hope you have some advise, I'm not far from throwing it out of a window. Lol

  8. I don't know much about ubuntu but I know that BAMT works pretty well as linux version that's designed to automatically recognize cards. I suggest you try that instead.

  9. I don't have very much knowledge on computers but I would like to try and build one of these. Do you possibly have a tutorial on how to put it together?

  10. And the motherboard on amazon is out of stock what else would work for this setup?

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