Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GPU miner for YACoin released!

For those of you who know me, you know that i'm rather into YAC. It uses a completely different algorithm from Bitcoin and Litecoin (and all of litecoins clones). Its known as Scrypt-jane or chacha.

Anyways, since its release, yac was a CPU only coin. Recently a GPU mining app (modified CGminer) has been released for YACoin.

Get it here! 

I personally mine on yac.ltcoin.net, and I have had nothing but good experience with them.


  1. Actually, scrypt-jane is just a slightly more flexible version of scrypt. The YAC developer misused the term.

    The yak network is running SHA3 (Keccak, a collison free/enhanced version of RadioGatĂșn) with 'scrypt-jane' (it's a very simplistic implementation of scrypt-jane).

    chacha was just thrown in to replace the salsa function, a change of no benefit and little significance.

  2. can mine anything with my amd 270x mined nothing for 10 hours, so how in the heck does this work tryed every pool I could find, and every ,mining program and not 1 share.

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