Saturday, June 22, 2013

Litecoin Soon to be on MtGox per MtGox! It's really happening!

Yesterday evening, Mt.Gox, the largest online exchange for Bitcoin announced a number of things on their facebook page. Among the news was that Litecoin is expected to be listed on MtGox in July 2013.

"6) As risky as it is to invoke the name of Litecoin (LTC???), we must apologize for not keeping everyone up to date. The fact is that the current situation means a continued delay, but for good reasons. We’re looking at July right now, though that depends on a few things. Mainly, we want to do things correctly from the beginning. " (Mt Gox Facebook Page)

As a result the price of Litecoin has skyrocketed overnight from approximately $2.20 per LTC to as of this post (1pm EST on 6/22/13) to $3.20. Litecoin is expected to continue to rise as the current difficulty in no way matches the sale price (supply and demand dictate the price, but they are intricately tied to difficulty).

In short, now is a good time to get your hands on litecoin, be it via investing, mining, or other free sources. Check out my prior posts for more ways to get free litecoin! 


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